Help about using Nearest Home Food website, knowing about Listings, Featuring your listing, Advertising, Mobile and posting your recipes in our blog.



What is NearestHomeFood?
How NearestHomeFood works?
Do I need to register?


What is a listing?
How do I create a listing to sell home food?
How do I upload pictures to a listing?
How do I delete pictures?
When does my listing expire?
How do I renew or upgrade my account type or package?

Featuring your listing

What is featuring a listing?
How do I feature my listing, so that I get more orders?
What additional info will featuring contain?
How much does a Featuring a listing cost?
Is it possible to upgrade my account?
What are the types of featuring possible?
How long does my Featured listing remain active?
How do I renew my Featured listing?


How do I advertise in NearestHomeFood?
Who can advertise?
How do I benefit by advertising on NearestHomeFood?
What are the different advertising options?
How much will it cost me to advertise in NearestHomeFood?


Can I access the website from mobile/tablet?

Post your recipes

Can I post my recipes in NearestHomeFood's Blog?
How do I post recipes in


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