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Dillibite Healthy Hygienic Homemade Dinner in Bangalore -homemade food north indian food tiffin service in bangalore

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Meal Boxes

LARGE - 4 Phulkas, Rice, Sabji, Daal, Raita, Salad, Pickle, Sweet.     Rs.150

MEDIUM - 2 Phulkas, Rice, Sabji, Daal, Pickle, Salad.     Rs.130

SMALL - 4 Phulkas or Rice, Sabji, Daal, Salad, Pickle, Raita.     Rs.120

We went out on the streets , we dined at the best, we explored the most talked about food outlets and we also tried online orders, nowhere could we experience the so called real “ NORTH INDIAN FOOD “.

Something was missing, and that something can not be expressed in words , it can only be TASTED. Dilli Bite was thus born to bring in that “something” which has always been missing.

We bring you the true north indian cuisine keeping all your everyday food requirements on track. We procure the freshest of the fruits, vegetables and other ingredients everyday to create a perfect taste and aroma that will make your tongue tango.

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